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Introducing the

Team Arian 2 Sprayer

The Arian is available with a range of booms from 18M to 27M. All booms have a pendulum system and anti-yaw damping. The Arian chassis and boom have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of any farming environment.  The reclined chassis design avoids the need for front stabilisation and when lifted, a vertical position is achieved without any adjustment.

The new Arian 2 is available with a 1800l rotationally moulded plastic tank replacing the fibre glass version on the previous model. The new sprayer features a new two stage valve operation system designed to keep wastage to a minimum and improve efficiencies. Boom stability is a feature which we pride ourselves on for all our sprayer models and the latest Arian 2 is no exception; it is available in a range of robust boom options up to 24m, all built in steel tubular sections with a three dimensional structure designed to offer years of strength and durability.

The New Arian 2 Sprayer comes in 1200L, 1600L and 1800L tank sizes.

Designed to offer years of strength and durability.


  • Spray and pressure controls from a single in-cab mounted control box
  • Rear mounted hydraulic spray functions with moulded protective cover
  • Workstation which controls both sprayer operation functions, cleaning and filling
  • Dry tank level sight gauge
  • Chemical induction; 25litre stainless steel hopper allows safe transfer of liquids and powders via a high pressure venturi system to the main tank
  • Rotary Nozzle for cleaning containers
  • Diaphragm pump made from high quality poly withstands any aggressive plant protection chemicals
  • Clothes storage with a 25 litre clothing and PPE locker
  • 100 litre clean water supply for tank rinsing and boom flushing
  • 15 litre clean water hand wash supply
  • Booms manufactured from steel tubular sections. The 3 dimensional structure guarantees strength and durability
  • All nozzles and spray lines are secured above the base of the boom to protect against accidental damage
  • Adjustable pivot points and fold rams to counteract wear
  • Hose and cable guide tidies and protects hoses and cables
  • Boom stowage system secures boom assembly in the folded position for safe road transport
  • All booms are fitted with break back pivot points to protect against unforeseen obstacles
  • “Boom flexibility: Possible to work with the boom part folded: 18m boom works at 9m fold, 20m & 21m boom works at 11m fold, 24m boom works at 12m fold”.

“I do like the flexibility it offers, and while spraying, I can transfer any amount of chemical from the front, into the back tank, so I always maintain front axle weight – and traction – while spraying progresses”.

- Tim Clay, Holly House Farm

Designed and built for British farmers


Tank Size

1200L 1600L or 1800L


18M up to 27M either ‘gull-wing’ or vertical rear folding


PTO driven Diaphragm


In cab boom section and pressure regulation


Standard HD CAT 2, 3 point linkage

Other features include
  • 60L High flow chemical induction hopper
  • Tank and boom flushing supply
  • Tank self – fill
  • Hand washing supply
  • Lockable PPE Storage locker
  • Work station with simple control valve layout
  • Optional GPS mapping and boom section control
  • Optional automatic boom height and contour levelling

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