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Introducing the

Team Trailed 2000

High output custom built trailed runway de-icers.

Designed to offer years of strength and durability.

  • 2000L tank
  • 12M – 16M manual or hydraulic folding boom
  • PTO driven diaphragm pump (high volume)
  • In-cab electric boom section and pressure controls
  • Single braked axle
  • Mudguards
  • Axle suspension
  • Clean water tank & boom rinse system
  • Tank fill suction probe (water or chemical)
  • Boom end marker lights
  • Chassis mounted amber beacon
  • LED work lights
  • PPE locker
  • Hand wash tank
  • All steel work painted signal yellow colour (2 Pack finish).

Designed and built for safe application


Tank Size 2000L

12M to 16M Manual or hydraulic folding


PTO or hydraulic driven diaphragm


In cab spray and pressure with the option to upgrade to auto rate or GPS controls

Other main features include
  • Rigid drawbar system
  • Work station with simple control valve layout
  • 2” Tank self-fill valve and hose kit
  • PPE storage locker
  • Hand washing supply

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