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Introducing the

Team Demount Pro Sprayer

The Demount Pro features a low-line tank, which provides the operator with complete vision across the back of the machine, and also improves the weight distribution. By using the vehicles hydraulic system, the sprayer can be lifted to gain access to the engine and other vital parts.

Options include 400, 600 or 800L tank and manual folding, electric folding or covered boom systems.

Reliable, robust and easy to use.

  • In cab electric spray controls to operate all spray and pressure functions
  • Work station controlling primary functions to operate the sprayer and when cleaning or filling
  • Chemical inductor: 20L hopper for safe transfer of liquids and powders via a high flow venturi system to the main tank and a rotary nozzle for cleaning containers
  • Diaphragm pump: PTO driven, high quality Poly Series to withstand any aggressive plant protection chemicals
  • Clothes storage: For all PPE equipment
  • Clean water supply: 70L supply for tank and boom rinsing
  • Boom construction: All spray booms are manufactured from steel tubular sections for strength and durability
  • Boom height adjustment: Manual 6-8M; Winch 10M and 12M
  • Boom stowage system secures boom assembly in the folded position
  • ‘Break back’ boom design is a standard feature on all models to avoid damage from unseen obstructions
  • Transport width: Folds to compact to the following sizes 1.9M (6M model); 2.4M (12M model)
  • Large access for tank filling
  • Clean water tank rinse

“We have eliminated extra early starts and someone having to stay late in order to complete the work. Not only can we schedule the work and control costs better, but also minimise disruption for the golfers. We operate on a full tank on the fairways but half a tank on the greens to avoid compaction.

And with the covered boom we can even spray when the wind is gusting up to 40mph across the fairways”.

- West Herts Golf Club

Designed for greenkeepers and groundsmen


Tank Size

400L, 600L or 800L


6M or 8M manual or 12V electric folding


PTO or hydraulic driven diaphragm


In cab 3 section 12V spray and pressure regulation

Other features include
  • Chemical induction hopper
  • Clean water tank rinse
  • PPE storage
  • Hand washing supply
  • Storage leg kit
  • To suit the TORO Workman, JD Progator, Cushman or Jacobsen trucks

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