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Introducing the

Team Liquid Fertiliser Applicator

The fertiliser applicator is an innovative design, increasing driver visibility and improved weight distribution on the tractor front linkage

The Team Front Mounted liquid fertiliser applicator enables the grower to incorporate liquid fertiliser whilst planting or drilling, by incorporating the solution into the soil at the desired rate. The high capacity hydraulic pump ensures that the tank solution is kept agitated at all times and the close coupled CAT 2 linkage frame and demount legs enable the unit to be quickly mounted or demounted from the tractor.

Innovative and effective application.

  • New 1000L & 1500L low-line tank for maximum operator forward vision as shown
  • Proven reliable design
  • Impact resistant polythene tank
  • Highly engineered, strong chassis
  • Front and rear sight gauge
  • Robust steel chassis with demount legs
  • 600Ltr polythene tank
  • Hydraulic powered pump
  • Manual pressure regulation
  • Planter mounted placement tines (Potato version only)
  • Planter/drill mounted liquid distribution manifold
  • Tank fill valve and hose kit
  • Bull bar & road lighting
  • Demount storage legs
  • Quick fit couplings on all hoses
  • CAT 2 3-point linkage frame
  • Impact resistant polythene tank
  • Hydraulically driven Centrifugal pump (430Lpm 12 bar max pressure)
  • Manual pressure regulation and in-cab spray on/off switching
  • Optional extras include: RDS Computerised spray-rate control system (GPS radar compatible), headland spray on/off switching, in-cab spray override switching, stainless steel chemical inductor (front mounted), stainless steel pump, tank pump-out valve, flow guard blockage detection, clean water hand wash tank, clothes locker, bolt-on mounting frame.

Many have taken advantage of the placement kit to reduce fertiliser usage, in turn reducing costs and increasing efficiency by putting the fertiliser where it is required“.

- Richard Lapage, RWL Services

Designed for accurate application


Tank Size

600L, 800L, 1000L or 1500L (plastic low level design)

Nozzles Kits to suit the potato planter or seed drill

Hydraulic centrifugal self priming


In cab spray or tank agitation


HD CAT 2 3 point linkage

Other features include
  • Demount storage leg kit
  • 2” Tank fill valve and hose kit
  • 2” Tank pump-out valve and hose kit
  • Bull bar with LED road lighting
  • Optional auto spray rate controller


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