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Introducing the

Team CTC 2 Air Treatment Canopy

The new CTC 2 air treatment canopy is a significant advance in potato seed treatment technology, achieving consistent, even and accurate application of treatments to all tubers, enabling seed producers to assure the best possible results from the product used.

The canopy features a unique rotating nozzle system which directs the spray to give an all round coverage of the seed tuber. Airflow fans assist in delivering the spray pattern onto the tubers.

Consistent, even and accurate application.

  • Unique rotating nozzle design for improved tuber coverage
  • Proven reliable design
  • Cost saving
  • Improved Health and Safety
  • Ease of use
  • The canopy reduces chemical loss and can help to achieve COSH standards
  • Internal drain channels to eliminate chemical ‘runoff’
  • Single variable speed rotating nozzle
  • Air flow fans (to force liquid at target)
  • Transformer for air fans (240V – 12V)
  • Spray and fan on/off switching
  • Rubber curtains (entry and exit)
  • Removable viewing windows
  • Nozzle pipe work and fittings
  • Internal drain channels to eliminate chemical ‘run-off’
  • Polished inner surface
  • Fibreglass canopy (GRP) (various widths to suit roller table
  • Single hollow cone nozzles with anti drip checkvalve
  • Removable control box with spray on/off and nozzle rotation switching
  • Option extras include: optional treatment widths, automatic spray on/off sensing.

The new application method has clearly proved itself because sample digs through the growing season have shown the planted tuber (having an easily recognisable pink coating), which has never been seen in previous years“.

- Christopher Lee, P J Lee & Sons

Designed for accurate application


Canopy width

600mm, 760mm, 900mm, 1000mm or 1200mm


Nozzle rotation, spray and air fan on/off switching

Other features include
  • Air flow fans for increased tuber coverage
  • Removable inspection windows
  • Unique twin rotating nozzle design
  • Smooth inner surface with ‘run-off’ channels

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